Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Afternoon

OK - didn't plan on another post today - but this afternoon (as I said I would) I went for a nice walk.  Ended up at several churches.  I'll just mention two:
- Basilica of St. Andrew of the Valley - some beautiful paintings of St. Andrew's crucifixion.  Here I prayed for the people of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Waynesboro.

Then I walked further and ended up at the Jesu - where they have a relic of St. Francis Xavier - and here I lit a candle and prayed for the people of Gettysburg and St. Francis Xavier Parish.
This evening we have a dinner for the newly ordained Archbishop.  

Palm Sunday Mass with the Pope tomorrow - it is not possible to concelebrate (just the way it is - only Cardinals get to concelebrate).  So I'll simply attend.  The new Archbishop is having a Mass of Thanksgiving tomorrow at the NAC - so I'll go up there and concelebrate Palm Sunday Mass.

And tomorrow I'll have my camera and be able to us it!  PHOTOS!


  1. Father, thank you so much for this post. It was a pleasure to reminisce about San Andrea della Valle. Our Notre Dame architecture studio used to be located right across the street and I would attend daily mass there almost every day. Because of this, it was my favorite church in all of Rome. God bless and thanks for posting! - Grant Irwin

  2. ...There's also an incorruptible Saint in the transept chapel to the right of the main altar :)

  3. Prayers are appreciated for St. Andrew the Apostle parish!! What a blessing to have you praying for us in Rome!! Prayers also for you Fr. Bateman.