Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pompei Scavi and Investiture - Part 2

And in this portion of the post - the Investiture - the reason for our trip down south to Pompei.

We stayed at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompei.  I never recognize how this popular image of Our Lady (seen all over the US) is a reflection of the Immigration that took place in the 1800-1900's from Italy (particularly this southern part of Italy) to America.  Here is information on the Shrine itself.

Well, this shrine to Our Lady of Pompei is where it all started.

After our visit to the Scavi of ancient Pompeii, we went to the Shrine and the Archbishop who is responsible for the Shrine - and its MANY charitable organizations - took us up the bell tower where we had a wonderful view of all of Pompei & Pompeii

Mount Vesuvius back there...

The buildings here are all part of the charitable outreach of the Shrine: school, prison, housing... it's incredible all the things they do at the Shrine.

Then Archbishop Caputo took is through the shrine and its many chapels.  It is a MAJOR pilgrimage spot for many Italians (and others) so there are various chapels all through the complex - in addition to the main shrine church.  In one of the chapels lies the body of Blessed Bartolo Longo - a member of the Order (the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem) and, really, the founder of the entire shrine and complex.

Then, on Sunday, was the event for which we had come to Pompei - the Investiture.  

Blessed Bartolo Longo's cause is still under investigation.  Perhaps you could ask his intercession - and maybe be part of him becoming a saint...

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